Matte Silver Polyester labels

Looking for high-quality, agile labels? matte silver polyester labels are perfect for a variety of applications such as asset labeling, equipment categorization, product identification, and brand development. They are durable, weather-resistant, and chemical-resistant, making them appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, their sleek matte surface adds a refined touch to any item.

Improve Your Tagging Experience with Matte Silver Polyester Labels

With more than five generations of groundbreaking experience, our Matte Silver Polyester labels are at the forefront of the tagging business and redefine perfection. We have built a heritage of durable tagging solutions that stand the test of time by fusing tradition and cutting-edge technology. dedication and history of precision is unparalleled, with a maximum laser kerf of 0.2mm and an exceptional accuracy level of 0.13mm, exceeding industry norms and creating new standards.

Our versatility comes from our ability to work seamlessly with various thicknesses of polyester material to generate tags with beautifully clean edges and little dirt. This dedication and history of success ensure that our labels meet and exceed the criteria of businesses that rely on stringent tagging for product identification and monitoring.

Matte Silver Polyester labels

Outstanding Aesthetics and Durability Matte Silver Polyester Labels are the optimum combination of appearance and durability. Our labels feature a sleek matte silver finish that gives your things a refined look. These labels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage due to the durability of the polyester material in various environmental conditions.

UL Safety Assurance Compliance

Lasercuttingpros Matte Silver Polyester Labels comply with UL 969 – Standard for Safety: Marking and Labeling Systems. This means that your labels have been thoroughly tested and validated for use on UL-listed and Recognized products, guaranteeing that important safety information is accurate and readable. You can show your commitment to safety by using our well-known labels.


Versatile Applications for a Wide Range of Industries Matte Silver Polyester Labels are perfect for product identification in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electronics, and other sectors. These labels are intended for use as roll labels, waterproof labels, transparent labels, GHS labels, and other purposes. Our labels are versatile and high-quality, making them a perfect choice for a variety of purposes. Get a quote!

Precision Printing using Advanced Printing Technology

At Lasercuttingpros, we rely on cutting-edge printing technology to ensure precision and clarity in every label. These Matte Silver Polyester Labels accentuate your brand with deep depth and clarity. The revolutionary printing approach enhances the overall visual attractiveness of your merchandise, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Customization Options for Individual Branding

Personalize your Matte Silver Polyester Labels to fit your company’s brand to make them stand out. offers several customizing options, including size, shape, color, and design. Our customization services allow you to create labels that are unique to your company, whether you desire a simple look or a bold design statement.

We can personalize every aspect of your labels, from size and shape to fine design elements, thanks to our cutting-edge technology and professional team. Whether you need unique logos, specific color palettes, or complicated designs, will accurately translate your vision onto the matte silver polyester canvas. Our commitment to accuracy extends to customization, ensuring that each label appropriately represents your company’s brand. Aside from aesthetics, we accept a wide range of label functions while adhering to strict guidelines.

With our accredited labels, you can demonstrate your dedication to safety.




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