Metal Fabrication With Lasers

Did you know we can fabricate metal with lasers? In fact, this is a common practice. Lasers can cut the metal and also join and subtract material from it. This process is easy, relatable, and fast. These ingredients make metal fabrication with lasers not only a good option in quality but also in pricing. 

How does metal fabrication with lasers work?

First, to start the process of metal fabrication with lasers, we put a design on a computer program. Later the computer will move the laser on the material that needs to be cut. It is possible to choose a continuous wave beam or pulsed beam during the cutting process. Our light beams are set to cut any metal that a laser can cut and that you desire. A pulsed beam provides the laser with fast bursts, while a continuous wave beam runs in constant succession. Usually, it is possible to control the heat output, length, and also intensity of the laser beam. All options are customizable according to the needs of the material that is being cut by our light beams! After the laser burst, melt or vaporize the metal, we can achieve the desired shape you want. Our machines used in the metal fabrication with lasers process have high-end technology that can cut several types of metals. For example, we can laser-cut stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel. And our clients are from a different range of industries like: 

  • Manufacturing of machinery;
  • Food and beverage;
  • Farm implement manufacturing, etc. 

Why is metal fabrication with a laser a good choice?

Ok, so now you know metal fabrication with lasers is a popular option. But why is it a good option? Well, firstly, you are dealing with the Laser Cutting Pros, which means you will have high-end results in your metal fabrication with lasers. Secondly, laser metal cutters are very accurate. This means manufacturers can cut it in such a clean way that the post-production is usually minimal. This can save much time and even cut manufacturing costs (and we all want that!).

Metal Fabrication With Lasers

Preciseness – Aka Precision or Precision-ness

So, the preciseness of the laser metal cutter can provide minimal area affected by the heat when cut. You might think this could make the production slower. However, it is quite the opposite. We can move our machines from one metal to another easily. Our machinery can even cut various thicknesses by programming that for a specific pace. All this saves time in the fabrication process. Since most of the time, we must follow a strict timeline and budget, considering the most efficient method for cutting is crucial. And that is laser-cutting with the laser pros! Mistakes can cost materials. Also, investing in complex programming can add extra time to job order, and in the end, make it more expensive. That’s why the efficiency in handling time, quantity, and variety of materials you can work with are advantages highlighted in this method.

Fast and Efficiently

We talked a lot about the speed and efficiency of metal fabrication with lasers. But is it really different from traditional mechanical cutting? The answer is yes, it really is, especially when it comes to complex and precise cuts. And when talking about preciseness, you can refer to us! We are highly accurate in our metal fabrication with lasers processes to ensure you get the best metal parts.


If there is something we enjoy about laser cutting metal parts is the versatility that comes with it. Metal fabrication with lasers is a very versatile technology.  The reason: we can cut through several materials. And, it can also do it at a pretty fast speed. So, now that you know more about metal fabrication with lasers, you must be wondering how to get the job done, right?! Well, we are here to handle this for you!

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