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Laser-Cut Aluminum- How Does It Work?

If you have watched the Big Bang theory, you may have seen Sara Gilbert’s character cooking her meal with lasers. Lasers work not only for cooking, although this is an atypical use, but also for cd players, pointers, and to cut stuff, including laser-cut aluminum parts. Over the years, laser machines went through several improvements. As a result, today, they can perform at industrial levels and create many things, like custom metal signs, for example. We have machines of all sizes (big and small) that can laser cut aluminum precisely! Laser cutting aluminum is especially tricky because of some peculiarities of this material. So, you will definitely want to get it right. That is why trusting the right professionals (pro ones) is crucial for your results. In this article, dive in on the ins and outs of how laser-cut aluminum works!

How Does Laser Cut Metal? 

First of all, learning how laser cutting metal works is essential. So, let’s get to it! Basically, lasers are light. But light itself is not enough to cut through things. However, when we stimulate a light beam with mirrors inside a laser machine, it gains enough energy to escape. When this light gets out through the lens at the machine’s end, we generate heat. After that, we can finally laser-cut things, including metal.

Laser-Cut AluminumHow Does Laser Cutting Aluminum Works?

Now, you might be wondering if there is a difference between laser-cut aluminum and laser-cut other metal parts, right? Well, laser beams, just like other light forms, reflect. The more reflective the material you cut is, the more tricky it is. In a way, all metals reflect the laser. However, once the incidence of the laser beam reaches a specific limit, the metal will start to heat, and absorb the energy instead of reflecting it. This is usually very fast. Because aluminum is very reflexive, the laser beam can be reflected by the machine, damaging it. Thus, to use laser-cut aluminum machines, you will need a prepared team of professionals that will know how to handle this sensitive scenario. 

Is Laser-Cut Aluminum a Tricky Task?

If you want to laser-cut aluminum, it is essential to keep in mind that it is one of the most complex materials to cut. So, choosing professionals to get the job done effectively is crucial. Therefore, you will definitely want the pros! Laser cutting aluminum is also tricky because of its molecular structure. It might be surprising, but hard and stable surfaces are easier to cut with a laser than softer ones. Kind of like it’s easier for a karate fighter to break a firm wooden board than a soft sponge with one punch. For such reasons, aluminum requires special attention when it’s being cut. However, it is possible to create some excellent laser-cut aluminum parts shapes with the proper equipment and a high-quality team of experts. But the good news is laser cutting aluminum is faster and more accurate than alternative methods. And although it may be tricky, you don’t have to worry about this part. We are laser-cutting pros ready to help you out on your project! If you want to get laser-cut aluminum parts for your project, we can make the best pieces according to your needs! Get laser-cut aluminum tags made right away! If you need your parts laser engraved – we can certainly help with that as well! Click here!

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