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Laser Cutting Stainless: What You Need to Know

Superman isn’t the only one to use lasers to cut things. We are also used to cutting one thing or two with lasers. And we are pretty good at it! We are the laser cutting pros! Laser-cutting stainless steel is one of our specialties. Laser-cut has benefits in allowing for high precision in desired shapes. So, if you are looking for laser-cutting stainless steel, aluminum, or any other metal, we are happy to take on your project of engraving metal parts. We will offer you the best results you could ask for. In case you don’t know, a laser is a light, but not all lights are lasers. A laser is specifically a monochromatic light beam that goes into a very narrow point. This light beam ends up cutting things.

If you want to know how laser cutting stainless steel operates to create unique and custom metal parts, read on and check it out! laser cutting stainless

How Do Laser Machines Work?

When a machine is cutting stainless steel, an exciting process occurs inside the machine. The basics of the process go like this: First, a light beam is stimulated inside the laser machine by partial mirrors until it has enough energy to escape.laser cutting stainless After the light beam escapes, it will be carried, either by fiber optics or by more mirrors, to the lens that will focus the light beam in a narrow point. Thus, photons will behave the same way and propagate in the same direction, making the energy highly concentrated. Powerful laser machines will focus so much energy on a single point that they can melt metal in a few seconds. We can laser-cut stainless steel and other materials easily since we have machines of all sizes and dimensions.

Laser Cutting StainlessAre there any differences between laser-cutting stainless steel or other metals?

Some metals are more manageable and easy to cut with a laser than others. For example, laser cutting stainless steel is easier than laser cutting aluminum because some metals reflect more than others when hit by a laser beam. However, we can laser-cut any material you like, customizing your project according to your needs. So, in this process, every metal reflects the laser until the power density reaches a certain threshold. After getting it, the metal will start to absorb the energy. This level changes depending on what kind of metal you’re laser-cutting.

Problems can occur with a metal like aluminum if put at the wrong angle. They can reflect the laser beam and damage the machine itself. However, some machines are proper for cutting aluminum. These machineries have built into sensors that detect when this problem is taking place. Our machines and team of experts are ready to deal with any events that may happen. Besides, our laser cutting machines are precise, regardless of the used material. The bottom line is that we need to ensure we use the appropriate machine to cut the specific metals. Otherwise, we can damage it. 

But you don’t have to get bothered by this. We are the laser cutting pros. laser cutting stainless We commit to high-quality laser cutting stainless steel pieces and other metal fabrication with lasers. If you have a project you would like to execute, we are more than happy to help you out with your next laser cutting stainless steel parts endeavor! #LaserBeamDreamTeam If you need your parts laser engraved – we can certainly help with that as well! Click here!

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