Laser Engraving Pros, we make a lot of stencils and specialize in laser cutting of stencils made from various substrates. We make metal stencils, little ones, big ones as well as plastic ones- you just name it! Laser cutting of stencils is ideal if you need to label or mark various surfaces several times. It will interest you to know that we can make stencils up to 120″ wide X 60″ tall for your laser cutting stencils. Talk about a giant stencil, right? Personally, I’ve never made a stencil bigger than 4×8, but if you have a need that is bigger – bring it on! Banksy, feel free to stop by if you’re ever in the area.

Laser Cutting Of Stencils

I can now make laser cut stencils that are 52″ x 52″ in one full piece. We generally make our stencils out of mylar as it’s waterproof. The best way to lay down paint over a stencil is to use very thick paint and a roller. The thicker the paint, the less likely it is to run under the stencil after you run the roller over it. We offer laser cutting in almost any size and on several different substrates.

We can laser cut letters up to 18″ tall x 32″ wide and can handle very detailed images when you need stencils. Mylar and Polycarbonate stencils are by-far the best materials to use when laser cutting is required. They are waterproof, hard to tear and can be used over and over again. Basic stencils, like an oil-board stencil, will break down over time and deteriorate. Laser cuttings are ideal if you need to label or mark various surfaces many many times. We offer laser cutting in almost any size and on several different substrates.


Stenciling. You’ve heard the term, sure, but how can it improve your life? In dozens of ways! How many things you own are scrawled on with sharpies, so that they don’t get lost or confused with another similar item? Stenciling stops you from ever having to pick up a permanent marker again. With just a few quick swipes of a paintbrush, you’ve marked things clearly, easily, and legibly. Handwriting varies from person to person and can be hard to read. Stenciling makes sure that every label looks the same. No more trying to decipher a coworker’s scrawl! No more discovering too late that what you thought said “THIS END UP” actually said “CAREFUL: FRAGILE”! Admittedly, that’d be some pretty bad handwriting, but it’s the sort of problem that with stenciling, you’ll never have to worry about again.

We can make you two, ten or a hundred, and every one will be completely identical. That’s the beauty of laser cutting of stencils! Take a look around you. See all of those blank flat surfaces? Imagine how much better they’d look with your logo, message or art stenciled across them from your laser cutting of stencils. That world could be your world. Beautiful, right? Now stop imagining and contact us to get started immediately. Get your custom quote today! If you need your parts laser engraved – we can certainly help with that as well! Click here!

Laser Cutting Stencils

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